WebGL Instructions

WebGL enables the 3D functionality on your browser and is available on Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 4+, Chrome 9+, and Safari 5.1+. If your browser supports WebGL, please follow the instructions to enable it:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11+ already supports WebGL by default so no action is required. If you do not have an updated version of Internet Explorer, please consider using a different browser.


  1. In the address bar, type about:config.
  2. Click the button “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.
  3. In Search field, enter webgl.disabled.
  4. If the webgl.disabled value is already set to “false”, it is enabled. If it is set to “true”, you will need to change it to “false” by double clicking or right clicking and selecting “Toggle”.


  1. In the address bar, type chrome://flags.
  2. Find the flag called “Disable WebGL”. Set to “disable” for WebGL support.
  3. Click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the page to save the settings.


  1. First, enable the Developer menu by going to Preferences > Advanced. Select the check box to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
  2. Go to the Developer menu and select “Enable WebGL”.