Discover What Molded and Shaped Us

We produce high performance machine parts. However, we couldn’t do it without high quality source material. It’s the same with GMI and what made us who we are. At our essence are three key elements:


We adapt to what our customers need. That's often a custom order or a midnight delivery. Agility means we deliver what you need, when you need it.


We act with integrity in our decisions and our relationships with customers. Some subscribe to the golden rule. We believe in doing the right hing at every moment.


When you do one thing, you get really good at it. For over 35 years, GMI has done one thing exceptionally well--turning raw steel into quality flanges, fittings and more.

Learn About Our Heritage

GMI was forged in 1984 under a modest tin roof in Humble, Texas. We began with the simple goal of distributing premium parts to our neighbors. As our quality standards grew, so did the need for domestic manufacturing.

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Certifications and Qualifications

More than meeting just a standard, our certifications speak to our materials and process.

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GMI Group believes in providing unparalleled service, knowledge, and best-in-class quality to our customers— regardless of size.

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Community Involvement

We believe in engaging our community and sharing our success. Investing in our neighbors allows us all to rise together.

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