The GMI Philosophy

GMI Group believes in providing unparalleled service, knowledge, and best-in-class quality to our customers— regardless of size. We practice agility, integrity, and expertise by providing superior products— on-time. Fostering honest and transparent relationships, we’re able to serve our clients with the experience and speed they need. For our products and customers, GMI goes above and beyond to make it right.

GMI is a very resourceful team, they help Bell Supply stay ahead of their competition by letting us know the raw material market, to meet customer lead times. We are thankful of the customer service and the level of accountability GMI has demonstrated on all quotes and orders. GMI have provided the highest quality products with even better customer service. Deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and the GMI team is quick to resolve any issues that arise. Bell Supply could not be more satisfied with GMI and that is the reason they are one of our top vendors. I am very appreciative of the GMI team’s assistance and always look forward working together with GMI. Bell Supply team here looks forward to continue this relationship.
Matt Cutshall | Northeast Sales Representative, Bell Supply Company
Why I Like GMI – In a word, we like GMI because of their reliability. Whether we are placing routine stock orders on a weekday or calling them for an “emergency” order on the weekends, they always come through for us. There are many manufactures in the marketplace, but GMI consistently provides a level of service and quality that the others do not. Their knowledge and experience in the O&G industry only bolsters the confidence we have in providing GMI products to our customers. Other manufacturers may offer the same products, but GMI really separates themselves because we know we can trust them on all levels. From pricing to specifications, GMI really does “make it happen” for us. That’s why they’ve been and continue to be such a valuable partner for Whitco.
Russ Meyer | Purchasing Manager, Whitco Supply