Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my product today?

Often times— yes. Give us a call to find out. We keep forgings on the floor at all times; it gives us the ability to maintain agility in our operations and delivery. If we can’t get it to you today, we’ll get it to you faster. Depending on your location, even made-to-order products can be received same day.


Do you have a specific product in stock?

We manufacture our products. This means that on the rare occasion that a product is not in stock, we boost and prioritize its production. Because we manufacture our stock, every part is simply one order away.


How do I order a custom item?

Call us. We believe in a consultative approach to manufacturing your made-to-order items. They’re your specs, your needs, and it’s our job to help you make it happen— on-time.


Where do you source your materials?

We source forgings from carefully selected domestic and international producers. Our suppliers are carefully vetted for quality and consistency. Want to know more about the composition of your part? Request an MTR.


Are your products domestic?

They are. We manufacture our products here in the United States. Even if you select a material that must be sourced internationally, the component is machined domestically in our facilities from the raw material and is therefore considered a domestic item.


How do you all do it?

It’s simple: we believe in what we’re doing. Honesty, expertise, and dedication to manufacturing better parts faster is what we live to do. We believe in making it right.


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